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 Shortest trail from feeling yuck to wow!

Shortest trail from feeling yuck to wow!

Negativity gets us when we are least prepared for it, Right?

This photo flashed before my eyes today as I awoke. It did something so spectacular for me. Let me get back to you about it in a moment but first let me tell you what happened on my first client call this morning.

Alex (name changed for privacy) is in a major life transition. He has been showing up like a champ for his healing and transformation. I have observed that when people decide to show up for themselves like never before, the universe gives them the “cow dung“ or the raw material that they need to be like never before (turn into manure). So, Alex is going through the same. He is having a shocking withdrawal of a core group of supporters he had before he embarked on this journey completely isolate and outcast him as they can no longer play their old role in his life. As we checked in he mentioned all the negative thoughts about his current circumstance that come and engulf him like a wave that occupies all the spaces in the cove at high tide. He said he feels drowned in these feelings and thoughts. That he can literally feel the pain in his heart, feels it shrinks and get heavy. And all this happens the very moment he wakes up.

I have heard this and experienced this myself many times. Even with the best of intentions something negative comes in just as we are about to embark on making that leap or change. The startup blockers. I have other clients who have similar issues - Like the day they decide to wake up early and fix their diet, some pain or havoc manifest.

What do we do we get cornered into these GOTCHA places? Here is the most powerful weapon and it works in an instant, every single time. Try it and LMK if it doesn’t! No.. seriously!!!

It starts with loving what is, instead of what isn’t. Its not positive thinking bullshit! Its saying hello to reality in 3 steps

  1. Become aware of where you are. Its not the entire reality of your life. Its a corner and a space you are focusing on without your choosing. “Unconsciously!” Right now you are focused on a circumstance of dread or pain and helplessness, here we are stuck on something outside our control to bring us hope/relief/happiness. Label this as your YUCK state of stucked-ness.

  2. Become aware that even in this state you have a choice. In fact you have multiple choices. One of them is to choose to continue to believe your senses, your thoughts, and remain stuck. And another 100 choices are all real options.

  3. Choose to shift into being GRATEFUL for what is. Use your 10 fingers are start making a list of things you are happy and grateful to have. And focus on those things and the curve on your lips. Breathe in and feel the gratitude you have for those things. Let is sink into your bones. Let it wash over the feeling of lack. It it give you strength to bootstrap.

So here is what Alex did.

He decided to take inventory of his life and make a list of things he is grateful for.. I challenged him to make it a list of 108. He got there in 3 days. This journey he embarked on has fueled him to start taking care of himself and make connections with lost people in his life. He is found new support within himself to keep going forward on this healing journey. And he has take it even forward. He started sending out thank you and gratitudes to the very people who had turned their backs on him. Did they change? Not yet. But he created a shift in his reality. He is no longer waiting for happiness and support to knock on his doors from outside.

So parting thoughts

WE CAN CHOOSE to switch our vibe to find our strength to deal with whatever life throws at us if we stop, become aware that we have a choice and start by saying a BIG f*ing THANK YOU!! Thank you for what we already have.. What is already normal in our life.

The smallest things we can think of…

the people who love us,

The bed, the pillow, the thread count if you will,

the 7 hours of sleep,

the breakfast waiting for us at home or somewhere else,

the money to buy it,

the people who grew it,

the sun and water and bees that helped create food,

the city bus or car waiting to take us to work,

the petrol still available to us from the earth,

the floor and earth underneath our feet and

the fact that our heart didn’t decide to stop beating in the night .. if nothing else!!


PS: I almost forgot to tell you about this picture. Well that morning, before the client called. I had already done my own gratitude list in the morning. One of things I was excitedly grateful for was this place in the mountains and the Pacific Northwest in general.

photocred: @chrisdevaraj IG 

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