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Two weeks in incredible INDIA

Two weeks in incredible INDIA

I have 2 motherlands. One where I was born - India and one where I really grew up into an adult -The United States. I sometimes call them as the mother who gave birth to me and the mother who adopted me :) .

India, my body is literally made from the elements of her earth, air, water and my soul definitely has called her home for ages. Visiting India for the first time as a vacation and not a "visiting family" trip was what set this journey apart. Another first was that I was traveling to India with Chris for the first time. I had been looking forward to this trip since last year when I had to cancel my trip last minute.  I was so excited that when we finally made it to New Delhi (ND) after 24 hours of travel and no sleep, I still had a huge smile at 3 AM in the morning. What can I say INDIA lights me up! 

And I want to bring some of that light to you. So, come with me on this journey, through this complex, beautiful, sensory overload of some some chaos but mostly just incredibleness. Over the next few weeks (posts)

We will travel through the beautiful north western state of Rajasthan.

Rajasthan literally translates to the land of kings! Its filled with palaces, forts, beautiful wildlife, India's biggest desert and the most colorful people who also happen to be the best hosts ever.  We are making 3 stops here. The gorgeous city of Jodhpur, Ajmer famous for its Sufi saint's shrine, and the pink city Jaipur

and then head south, to a lush tropical west coast state called Goa. 

Here we will explore lush country sides and beautiful Portuguese era homes and churches. Do some beach hopping and taste some yummy local cuisine.

The two places so different yet have the common essence of India."

Anything that I attempt to say via words or express through pictures to capture the essence of the phenomenon called India in these upcoming posts will be just the tip of the iceberg or less. For that would take lifetime(s) of pilgrimages back to this land and its people.  

Watch out for my first post 48 hours in New Delhi.

xo, Namaste.



India: First stop: 48 hours in New Delhi

India: First stop: 48 hours in New Delhi

What isTOJI?

What isTOJI?