Those travel bits that rub us the wrong way. That churning and brushing that happens before we see the part that is happening FOR us and NOT to us. We usually get stuck in fear or shame and get the hell out of there (2).png

Travel Outside, Journey Inside, TOJI is an inspired act of travel logging + journey reflection made public.

Of course its a travel blog first, but its here to be more. The real question is Why TOJI ? So first, lets begin with my need to share the travel outside part. This blog was waiting to happen for a long time now. About 9 years back I successfully infected my then boyfriend, now husband with my travel bug. Since then, we have used travel like coming up for air between our very exhilarating work life. We have a great time discovering new places and we get to connect more deeply with each other. We end up logging our travels as scattered bits in places such as, on a custom app we built,  our Facebook or Instagram pages, memory boxes, albums etc. These are mostly to memorize the experience of being there. There is beauty in allowing those scattered bits be and there is also an opportunity compile the bits in one place and see what more can these memories be.

I hope to create one place where I can journal both, here is where I went, this is what I saw and also, this is what I experienced and why I would never be the same again

Our travels are so much more than the pictures we bring back or post on social media. 

When we escape our daily reality, our life gets a new vantage point, there is greater context to our living. We can get into a witnessing mode and that brings more awareness about how we are living and showing up and also how we relate to this world. 

Travel gives our life context and nothing gives meaning like context.

Travel opens us up! Makes us less numb to others, shows us that we live in loving world. Shows us our common humanity. In fact, I believe that if a majority of the population of this planet meets people from just a handful of other cultures, we wont have wars any more. We will realize how alike we are and how we are enough to heal each other and give and get everything we ever need.

When we travel, the mind wanders and yet we come home in a way, we connect with strangers and yet learn more about ourselves. We head out with questions, asked and unasked and the answers have a beautiful way of finding us in an unexpected moment during that trip.


Yes all this sounds yummy, however, travel is not always comfortable. Sometimes travel exposes us to our edge, the thresholds of our comfort zone. Mirrors our beliefs and conditioning back at us and can be yucky!  And We don't talk much about it.

I want to change that. For myself and for my soul's journey.

Why? Because I believe that if we get a bit still, and journey through whatever that is, there is a greater destination awaiting us.A place where a higher version of ourselves is waiting to meet us. And that journey inside although more difficult is more beautiful. Our travel pictures may inspire someone else to travel at best but, our journey of transformation may change their lives.

Travel outside leads to a journey inside. Our journeys are not ours to keep. No story of  transformation is.

 Those travel bits that rub us the wrong way. That churning and brushing that happens before we see the part that is happening FOR us and NOT to usWe usually get stuck in fear or shame and get the hell out of there and we keep those raw bits to ourselves.

On TOJI, I want to be vulnerable about things that didn't go as planned.

I want to expose how my expectations and ego gets in the way of living it out fully and how its a constant dance between being unconscious and stepping into the light. Finding my edge, and the struggles of pushing it. 

This may not be a place to scroll over perfect pictures. I can get very verbose too! I may not fit the mold of the usual travel blogger. I'm NOT here to be all that. I just want to be me.

If I don't vibe at your frequency, I won't take it personally :)

Travel is now becoming a spiritual journey each time I set forth on a trip. I'm passionate about my spiritual journey and I'm inspired to share that Journey Inside aspect of the trips as well.

So, I finally created this blog. Hope you enjoy these shares. Write in and let me know.

Happy TOJI to you!

xo, Namaste!

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